Goated NFT's

Goated coin & card animations

Goated is your platform and exchange for NFT minting, selling, and trading of your most outstanding and valuable gameplay. Goated will produce and drop your Goated GamerClips, GamerCards, and GamerCoins for the entire gaming community to enjoy, collect, and appreciate.
Take a look at their amazing platform at: https://goated.gg


Goated was looking for a way to generate faster coin animations and card animations with their content. They are building an NFT platform and need to generate NFT’s faster to save time and money. Their past way of working was making renders of each coin. Because every gamer has their own logo / emblem and name on the coin. To help them speed up this progress Hakuna Group created a template project in Unreal Engine. Not only for coins but also for cards where they now can generate much more content in a much shorter time.