Biashara platform, agriculture supply chain

Biashara is on a mission to create an open agri-network to unlock the trillion-dollar plus potential of African agriculture with smallholder farmers at the center of it. Staying true to its name, Biashsra stands for collective growth & collective prosperity for the agri ecosystem. Serving the entire value chain, Biashara’s Agri Commerce and Agri Finance solutions enable affiliated farmer collectives and the larger ecosystem to be more efficient and productive through multiple technology enabled interventions and collaborative partnerships.


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Biashara partnered up with Hakuna Group to biuld out the agriculture supply chain platform. Biashara was facing many problems in the supply chain between Africa and Europe. Together we analyzed all the problems and come up with the solution. Biashara was looking for a team that understood the agriculture and knows about the different cultures. To digitalize the whole supply chain and help the farmers to get fair trade and a good overview of their productions.