What We Offer?

Fresh Food, Agri-Tech Solutions, Agri-Consulting

We are specialists in both agriculture, information technologies and we apply our full range of resources to creating the perfect customized solution for each clients’ need. We specialize and source for the following products:

Sweet Potato


Our sweet potatoes are an excellent source of nutrients and other added advantages like: Maintaining a health blood pressure levels because

it is potassium rich, reducing the risk of cancer because it is a powerful source of beta-carotene, improving digestion and regularity due to high fibre content, protecting eye health (Vitamin A) and boosting immunity (Vitamin C)




Our Citrus is rich in citric acid to prevent the formation of kidney stones. They also contain diosmin, an antioxidant used in some drugs that affect the circulatory system, improves muscle tone and reduces chronic inflammation in your blood vessels. Healthy living is at the core of our business



Our Pineapples are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, dietary fiber, bromelain, other proteolytic enzymes that protect against heart disease, joint pain and help keep your intestines healthy.



Avocadoes contributes up to nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, making it a great nutrient-dense food choice. Our Avocados are naturally comprised of sodium, healthy sugar content and are cholesterol-free. Our Avocadoes come certified with Fairtrade, organic and other food safety requirements.



Our fresh papaya is rich in antioxidants, including the carotenoids that can neutralize free radicals, lycopene in that can reduce cancer risk, fight inflammation and protect your heart while the papain enzyme in papaya can make protein easier to digest.

Moringa Powder


Moringa leaves are rich in many important nutrients, including protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron. Our powder is refined from the natural fields in Nigeria and has been dubbed one of the most potent on the market.

Fresh/Dry Ginger


Ginger can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice, and is sometimes added to processed foods and cosmetics. It is a very common ingredient in recipes. Ginger has proven to reduce hypertension, inflammation, DNA breakage, nausea, migraines, and is considered to be a good antioxidant




Our Bananas are fibre and water rich, both of which promote regularity and encourage digestive health; potassium, folate, and antioxidants, such as vitamin C to support heart health.

Pine Nuts


Like all our foods, our Pine nuts are also rich and healthy foods that boost the immune system. Pine nuts have been known to improve brain health, reduce the risk of heart diseases, help with weight-loss and strengthen bones.

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