Goated NFT’s




Goated NFT, developed by Hakuna Group, represents a landmark innovation in the digital gaming and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space. This platform is designed to redefine how gaming moments are minted, sold, and traded, offering a unique collection of GamerClips, GamerCards, and GamerCoins. Through the integration of advanced technological solutions such as real-time rendering with Unreal Engine, automated logo extrusion, and a streamlined content generation system, Goated NFT provides an unparalleled user experience that enhances creative expression within the gaming community.


The animation

In pursuit of dynamic and resource-efficient content creation, Hakuna Group undertook a strategic initiative to redefine the animation process for Goated NFT. Departing from conventional rendering methods, we introduce a technical marvel that transforms the creation landscape.

Real-Time Rendering with Unreal Engine

Hakuna Group has architected a template project within Unreal Engine—a paradigm-shifting solution facilitating real-time rendering for both coins and cards. This technological breakthrough not only expedites the creation process but also upholds the uncompromising quality standards synonymous with Goated NFT.

Automated Logo Extrusion

Our Unreal Engine template seamlessly integrates an automated logo extrusion process. Leveraging black and white images, this system dynamically transforms logos into intricate 3D designs on coins. This not only enhances visual appeal but also instills a bespoke quality into each NFT, reflecting the sophistication of our technical architecture.

Fast and Transparent Rendering

Bid farewell to cumbersome rendering processes. Our solution ensures swift PNG renders in real-time, ideal for generating MOV files with transparent backgrounds. This technical efficiency seamlessly integrates transparent movies into the Goated NFT website, providing an immersive and visually striking user experience.


Building the templates

Beyond animation, Hakuna Group laid the foundation for an efficient and scalable content generation system through the development of a comprehensive Unreal Engine template project.

Streamlined Coin Production

Our template project not only expedites coin creation but also facilitates seamless customization. Crafted to optimize workflow and resources, it empowers Goated to produce a diverse array of coins within significantly reduced timeframes, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and technical excellence.

Adaptive Card Content Generation

Extending beyond coin production, our template project streamlines the generation of diverse card content. From gamers’ information to captivating animations, the process is now finely tuned, ensuring an agile and rich collection for the discerning gaming community.



The culmination of Hakuna Group’s technical prowess is a platform that seamlessly integrates innovation with efficiency, delivering an unparalleled experience for the gaming community.

Elevated User Experience

Goated NFT now stands adorned with a vast collection of meticulously crafted GamerClips, GamerCards, and GamerCoins. Our technological interventions, including real-time rendering, automated logo extrusion, and streamlined template building, have collectively elevated the user experience, offering a sophisticated and captivating journey through the realm of gaming NFTs.

Empowering Creative Expression

Our innovative solutions not only optimize content creation but also empower creative expression. The end result is a platform that celebrates the essence of gaming, allowing users to explore, collect, and appreciate gaming moments with a level of technical finesse unparalleled in the industry.

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