CANNAAFRIKA Connecting cultures and fostering community

CannaAfrika (CA) is a web and app based multimedia platform that provides cannabis inspired content through a global multicultural lens. CA offers location info for adult recreation, medical dispensary, smoke shops, wellness stores and events in South Africa, Europe and the United States. The website and app also has sections for news, music, smoke shops, wellness stores and events in the South Africa, Europe and the United States.


CannaAfrika was looking for a partner to build their vision into a platform. With extended research we broadened  their vision and idea’s and created the first version of the platform. The platform needed to contain News, social profiles, chat, strain information, shop / store locator and events. When we made the wireframes we came up with whole different idea’s also we wanted to create the strain section unique. That is why we created art pieces for each strain so that CannaAfrika would be unique with their platform. To make the platform more fun we have applied gamification inside the app.



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Revitalizing an Online Retail Presence