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The farmers in most African places are producing lots of products but have a high waste percentage. They don’t have the knowledge or resources to produce in a way how things are producent in Europe. By having a platform where they can get all the knowledge, so they can improve their production is the start of the Biashara platform.




Working together with farmers all over Africa from Egypt to Ghana, from Nigeria to Kenya and many more countries, we have setup a network where we deploy Biashara on. Over 50.000 farmers in our network are thrilled for the Biashara platform and helping each other to improve and create the agriculture platform for Africa.


knowledge database

Because knowledge is the core of producing products and quality, Hakuna Group started with a knowledge database for the agriculture. With animations and notifications to the users to help them understand and guide them through their production processes. Working together with Wageningen university & research to empower the database for the African agriculture market.


Biashara management

& Knowledge

The Biashara platform comes with an app for mobile phones. This app contains latest technologies to help the African farmers produce and improve their products. Managing the farm through the app, detecting threads for their crops, getting environmental data about weather, and many more to connect the farmers together. Everything an African farmer needs in 1 place connected to the Hakuna Group’s Biashara platform.

Latest technologies

Latest technologies

Thread detection

Thread detection



Knowledge database

Knowledge database



Hakuna Group is always looking for innovation, how to enhance new technologies and put them into the Biashara platform. Creating new features with Augmented Reality and object recognizing to scan the crops and get important data right away from the app in real time.



Development team

Creating a successful platform and applications is all about having a great team behind it. Hakuna Group has a young and diverse team that drives the Hakuna Group’s Biashara platform to create innovative solutions for Africa. Working together with partners, farmers and start ups in Africa to grow it to another level.



Managing farms in African places is different compared in Europe. Having an application that can help with it is a great solution for them. Always know how many people are working on the field, make work schedules and track how much work is done. With the help of the Biashara app will advice the user to take actions on the data that is being tracked. When to plant crops, when to spray crops and for how long, when is the best time to stop spraying fertilizer and start harvesting. How to store and ship the produced crops to maintain quality.


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