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Get Comfy

Get Comfy, a newly established beauty and wellness salon in Arnhem, partnered with us to create a comprehensive branding strategy, develop a robust marketing plan, and lay the foundation for business development. Our objective was to introduce Get Comfy to the market as a modern, client-focused destination for beauty and wellness.


The primary objective was to

  1. Establish a Strong Brand Identity: Create a compelling and recognizable brand from the ground up.
  2. Develop and Implement a Full-Scale Marketing Strategy: Position Get Comfy effectively in a competitive market and attract a diverse clientele.
  3. Lay Foundations for Sustainable Business Development: Establish operational, financial, and strategic structures to support long-term growth.

Strategies and Execution

  1. Branding:

    • Brand Identity Creation: Developed a distinctive logo and visual identity that communicates luxury, relaxation, and professionalism. Selected a color palette that reflects tranquility and elegance.
    • Brand Voice and Messaging: Formulated a clear, consistent brand voice that emphasizes personalized care, expert knowledge, and the unique value proposition of Get Comfy.
  2. Marketing:

    • Digital Presence: Designed and launched a responsive website with SEO optimization to serve as the digital face of Get Comfy, featuring service descriptions, booking functionalities, and a blog for engaging content.
    • Social Media Launch and Strategy: Initiated profiles on key social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to build community and engage with different demographics through targeted content strategies.
    • Local Advertising and Promotions: Implemented local advertising campaigns, including print and online ads, coupled with opening promotions to generate initial foot traffic and bookings.


Business Development:

      • Service Portfolio Development: Curated a range of services and packages based on market research and anticipated local demand, focusing on sustainability and innovative beauty treatments.
      • Operational Setup: Established operational processes and vendor relationships necessary for day-to-day operations, including staff training programs to ensure service excellence.
      • Community and Networking: Engaged with local businesses and influencers for cross-promotions and hosted opening events to cement Get Comfy’s presence in the local community.


  • Brand Awareness: Successfully established Get Comfy as a known brand in Arnhem within the first year of operations.
  • Client Acquisition and Retention: Achieved a client retention rate of 60% within the first six months, with significant growth in clientele attributed to effective social media marketing and community engagement.
  • Business Growth: Recorded a steady month-on-month revenue increase, with expanded service bookings and high demand for introductory offers.
  • Operational Efficiency: Established robust operational practices that enhanced customer satisfaction and streamlined service delivery.

Brand Awareness