Branding package

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WHAT IS A BRANDING PACKAGE, AND HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? What is branding package? What is included in a branding package? what does a branding package cost? How much do Hakuna Group charge for a branding package? When you are competing against so many other businesses, how do you make yourself “The Choice” for […]

Atlantis City metaverse

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OBJECTIVE Atlantis City Metaverse, connecting businesses digitaly In an era where digital transformation is paramount, the Atlantis City Metaverse emerges as a groundbreaking initiative by Hakuna Group, setting a new benchmark for business interactions within virtual environments. This case study delves into the strategic development and deployment of Atlantis City, a metaverse designed to facilitate […]

Hilhim dubai

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OBJECTIVE HilHim Hotel Furniture Visualization: An Interactive 3D Experience HilHim, a premier furniture company, embarked on an ambitious project to secure a significant contract for furnishing multiple hotels in Dubai. Recognizing the need for a compelling visual presentation to showcase their high-quality furniture within a hotel setting, HilHim partnered with Hakuna Group. The mission was […]

Platform Veilig Ondernemen

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OBJECTIVE Platform Veilig Ondernemen (PVO): Enhancing Security for Real Estate Owners The Dutch government’s initiative, Platform Veilig Ondernemen (PVO), represents a significant stride towards creating a safer business environment for entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on real estate property owners. In collaboration with Hakuna Group, PVO embarked on developing a dedicated safety organization and digital […]


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OBJECTIVE SneakersNtingz Digital Transformation: A Revitalizing an Online Retail Presence SneakersNtingz, a distinguished online retailer specializing in limited edition sneakers and streetwear, embarked on a transformative journey with Hakuna Group to overhaul its digital presence. This case study outlines the collaborative efforts undertaken to revamp SneakersNtingz’s website, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and branding […]

Goated NFT’s

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OBJECTIVE GOATED NFT AND STREAMING PLATFORM Goated NFT, developed by Hakuna Group, represents a landmark innovation in the digital gaming and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space. This platform is designed to redefine how gaming moments are minted, sold, and traded, offering a unique collection of GamerClips, GamerCards, and GamerCoins. Through the integration of advanced technological solutions […]


OBJECTIVE CANNAAFRIKA Connecting cultures and fostering community CannaAfrika (CA) is a web and app based multimedia platform that provides cannabis inspired content through a global multicultural lens. CA offers location info for adult recreation, medical dispensary, smoke shops, wellness stores and events in South Africa, Europe and the United States. The website and app also […]