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About Company – Hakuna

"Bringing the African Flavour to the World"


Our mission is to supply quality African food products to the European market and beyond while bringing sustainability to the forefront of African Agriculture.

We pride ourselves on high quality and certified foods from our farms in East and West Africa and our partners with whom we have equipped skills of sustainable and environmentally friendly production techniques.


"...ensuring that we equip the farmers with skills"



Hakuna Group’s approach focuses on efficient vertically integrated supply chains to create value whilst addressing the food sustainability issues on the continent.

This is emphasized by ensuring that we equip the farmers with skills on how to cultivate, process, and package high demand products for premium Global markets. In doing so, generating annual income and establishing a lasting relationship that is beneficial to all parties.

"...directly linking assets, via strategic off-take agreements, to direct distribution channels"


Africa’s Agriculture has the capacity to feed the world given its vast land resources and manpower. However, a lack of scale, technology and investment is currently holding back the African agricultural industry from building the capacity to meet the growing demand of the global market. Hakuna Group’s approach addresses this issue by directly linking assets, via strategic off-take agreements, to direct distribution channels that have a demand for premium African food products.