Fruits & Vegetables run through our veins. As our African ancestors once were worldwide distributors of Fruits and vegetables, we are honored to maintain their business Hakuna Group
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Shaping the New Vision of Africa in International Markets

The full reliability of our products is managed and guaranteed by our top notch management system.

Together with the procurers, our quality experts regularly visit our farmers to check our crops, processes and, in cooperation with the locals, ensure a continuous improvement of the products and procedures that precede the arrival of the fruits and vegetables to the international markets.

The current trend of the overall market within the food & beverage industry, biological, organic food is often more in demand than manufactured products. Because we are in the position to deliver straight from the producers to the consumers (retail/wholesale), the products of Pacific Fruits & Vegetable are affordable for the low to high-end market. We believe that everybody should have the same rights and access towards a more healthy approach of lifestyle.

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Hakuna Group is your Ideal partner

Our extensive network in Africa enables us to create value swiftly and sustainably. Connect with Hakuna Group and start expending businesses all over the globe.

"Our challenge is to position Africa as a trading partner to the rest of the world"

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Think Global, Act local

Hakuna Group is offering an extended knowledge of the industrial processes to always provide the best solutions to our customers in the food processing industry, whose products range from tropical fruits  vegetables to and cash crops.